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ROLE: Art Direction | Design | Infographics | Print and Digital


CLIENT: Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group.

COMPANY: 160over90 (An Endeavor Company - formerly WME | IMG) 


AUDI x ASPEN IDEAS FESTIVAL: Presented by the Aspen Institute in partnership with The Atlantic, the Aspen Ideas Festival is the nation’s premier, public gathering place for leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines to present and discuss the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times. Audi was the underwriter of the 2019 Aspen Ideas Festival.

Created a very contemporary, Sleek design for the menu and name cards that were used for Audi's private dinner event during the Aspen Ideas Festival for VIPs and Executives, signages for a Ride & Drive event happening in Aspen, Colorado, in collaboration with Aspen Ski Company, where Audi showcased their new. all-electric Audi e- tron SUV. Designed the hotel key card insert that communicates the details of a shuttle program that they are running during the Aspen Ideas Festival. 

Banner Design​


PostCard Design


Key Card Design


Brochure Design

Menu and Name Card Design


AUDI x MAJOR SOCCER LEAGUE (MSL): The ask was to create weekly Audi Player Index graphics that are published every week on The Audi Player Index tracks every on-ball action in near real-time for every MLS Match. With this statistic, fans obtain insights to enable them debate and discuss the sport they love in a more informed and profound manner. I developed visual graphics for world famous soccer players such as Alejandro Pozuelo, Carlos Vela, Wayne Rooney. Ismael Tajouri, Jimmy Maurer, Jozy Allidore, Pomykal, Paxton, Ryan Hollingshead, Sophir Toider,

and more.

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