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Solo Art Exhibition - Vishali Bawa

As an artist, I explore emotions as a multifaceted and ever-changing phenomenon. Just like light passing through a prism, emotions can be broken down into different constituents and refracted into various hues and intensities. By examining emotions through a prism, I aim to capture the complexity and depth of our innermost feelings and to bring to light their many nuances.

Through my artworks, the beholders will be transported into a world where they can experience, concede to, and celebrate their emotions. My hope is to promote self-awareness, self-expression, and the validation of all emotions as worthy of being expressed.


Conception Art Exhibition - Vishali Bawa

I have highlighted the strengths, capabilities and the various roles women play in our society through my artworks. My art pieces
are a culmination of digital vector abstraction and intricate line art. The dominant use of vermilion signifies the zeal, energy and 
vigor portrayed by women in today's world.

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