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Ms. Bawa was selected from a wide pool of applicants, via a rigorous interview process to work with Endeavor Global Marketing (now 160over90) in the Fall of 2018. Ever since, she has been a prominent member of the creative team and has worked on significant projects for a number of eminent brands, including Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, Marriott, Visa, Stars on Ice, etc. None of the campaigns, productions and promotional materials could have been as successful as they were without Ms. Bawa's insight, artistic input and design, and leadership every step along the way. It should be noted that these companies and celebrities are multi-million dollar brands, and we simply would not entrust these accounts to a creative who is not herself at the very top of her field. Ms. Bawa, has a deep knowledge and understanding of the global marketing and branding Industry that she has refined over the years, working with some of the most distinguished brands.




Endeavor Global MarketingNew York


Solo Art Exhibition - Vishali Bawa

As an artist, I explore emotions as a multifaceted and ever-changing phenomenon. Just like light passing through a prism, emotions can be broken down into different constituents and refracted into various hues and intensities.

By examining emotions through a prism, I aim to capture the complexity and depth of our innermost feelings and to bring to light their many nuances.

Through my artworks, the beholders will be transported into a world where they can experience, concede to, and celebrate their emotions. My hope is to promote self-awareness, self-expression, and the validation of all emotions as worthy of being expressed.


Conception Art Exhibition - Vishali Bawa

I have highlighted the strengths, capabilities and the various roles women play in our society through my artworks. My art pieces are a culmination of digital vector abstraction and intricate line art. The dominant use of vermilion color signifies the zeal, energy and vigor portrayed by women in todays world.

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