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ROLE: Art Direction | Campaign Design | Illustration | Print and Digital


TARGET MARKET: Business Executives, Middle and Upper Middle-Class Travellers 


CLIENT: Ginger Hotels is a chain of branded budget hotels. The ‘’Smart Basics concept’’ kicked off a revolution in the Indian hospitality industry.The average stay duration at a budget hotel is usually up to 3 nights. People who are more likely to be on a city break or on business, seldom have time to use the spa and other such facilities, but end up paying a lot more for these features. Ginger proves to be the perfect solution in such a scenario.


CONCEPT: After looking at ideas that constitute too much, too less, and just right, I eventually settled on Ginger being a simple way to ‘fulfil your needs with less than excess’. All facilities are available at a value pricing. Thus, The campaign projects a clear message that too much is not something that the consumer always wants. Simple and basic is sometimes what the consumer needs instead of flamboyance or excess. This has been indicated in my campaign by exaggerating basic but necessary day to day objects within the hotel set up.



Magazine ads

Press ads

3 fold magazine ads (Ambient Media)

Bus Panel

Bus Back Panel



Post Cards

Sign Board

Carry Bag

Facebook Page

Mural for Dining Area

Badges for Staff

Door Tag

Corporate Identity



Bus Panel


Facebook Page




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